Kal Sarpa Yog

There are various kinds of Yogas in a horoscope and all these yogas give rise to different kinds of results. There are both auspicious & inauspicious yogas in a horoscope. The auspicious ones produce good results whereas the inauspicious ones produce bad results. Of the various inauspicious yogas, one of them is Kalsarpa Yog. In a horoscope, when all the planets are placed in-between Rahu & Ketu, then it is called a Kalsarpa Yog. We may not find a detailed description of this yoga in the ancient astrology literatures, but we definitely cannot ignore it as well.

Even renowned ancient astrologers like Maharishi Garg, Parashar, Bhrigu, Varha Mihir etc have acknowledged Kalsarpa Yog. The ancient people have given special importance to Kalsarpa Yog. They have regarded Rahu-Ketu as Karmic planets, Rahu as the dragon’s head & Ketu as the dragon’s tail. Nobody has spoken about the good results of this Yoga. Rahu & Ketu are both shadowy planets and have no physical bodies, yet they are such inauspicious that the formation of Kalsarpa Yog due to these planets is known to give out bad results.